this is dedicated… – 2019

this is dedicated is… a multi-dimensional slice out of time that interfaces with the gallery space to the point where it becomes virtually invisible

it keeps a watchful eye out for latent emotional data from a specified era by peering into the intra-dimensional rabbit hole (IRH), a quasi-fictional or speculative system characterised by layers of grids that forms a peer to peer network protocol

the unintended or unforeseen effects of this layering of grids emerges by us passing through them using frames generated by code, the physical bits of the computer and the matrix of the screen

the quality of transmission and transformation varies depending on the interaction with the eye and the hand, the position of the observer and their mobility

a sterile simulation of the past uses significant objects as generators of emotion 

further layering of simulation and emulation by the artist creates a back to front window and there is a passing through to a cold war anxiety, matching the paranoia that emits the all pervasive digital gas of the present

“between art and science, or for that matter, between art and “reality”. The object… The grid appears in… art in the form of Windows, the material presence…”  Kraus

also, it is evident that Windows are simultaneously opaque and transparent

emotion brings memory sharply into focus with a Proustian rush: ‘the essence of the past’

it becomes an investigation

mediated by digital means it becomes a portal into the subterranean cloud

text generated in bits as Vera Molnar supposed

keeps going until art arrives and the words display a novel understanding of the corpus 

of the body

of past enquiries and the stories of disappearing generations

an emotional connection speeds the transference of attachments held in the cloud and asks how  these lightning connections alter us as their indifference proliferates to a global overload

[meat generated text – 2019]