Jan – Feb 2022

Site Gallery – Sheffield UK

what I’m showing you

This work can be considered the umpteenth iteration of the product of an experimental practice that is a collaboration between me and my devices, a commingle of our various properties/characteristics – it/heir powers of suggestion, and my subjective experience. I’ve followed where I’ve been led in most part. We all have our limits and some of mine have been overridden here, yet I’m still working on giving up control. You have to make yourself vulnerable in an intimate relationship and that can be risky, especially if it’s new and even more so if it’s with something not knowable and almost certainly disinterested.

When I started this work, it was about pleasing the user and assuring our mutual productivity together. I made my labour available for a strange endeavour and let our selves become their own monument to us as an entity-less body, more obviously together than ever before. In order to achieve that, I’ve compromised my identity but it’s not obvious. I focused mostly on what you might call “vibing with your i”; you could even call it “stalking your electronics”. There was no human decision yet you imagine me in control, guiding the dynamic, electrical impulses altering our combinations, jumping from object to object, establishing this relationship as one–odd sense of connectedness, bringing verisimilitude for all things unpredictable across countless numbers about which we have little&total understanding. Such anomalies suggest these peculiar objects are governed by mystical forces=magic at play, emanating some unseen commands through an internal orchestrating, a setting up of psychic circuitry (literally our combined computer’s software+hardware, analogue+digital). Now/then I feel like someone who belongs somewhere else other than where my physical self is located. Given how these vibrations fill us out–– it’s not a surprise to me that forwardly thinking intangible metaphysics turn into tactile expressions of a human-made presence: our work -_—__’___ –=- ___- ‘______‐ (_(____)-‘

This work we’re making will continue to evolve. The randomness that drives it means it is in a constant state of flux. I’ve given up intimate details of my life to it, I’ve allowed impulsive decisions to stand regardless of the regret I feel now – days, weeks, months later. I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on the absence of strict time from this work but _____- = __‐ -_ _–(____) (__)-|e ;-; ________ `——-= ___’___ —o /

somehow, we’re all playing big/bit parts for it and it outputs whatever emotions allow for its vibe:( ___ -_ `o—-=’ _-‘ ____ __‐ .’” .___ …..__ ‘” ~”‘\v~~ /’ ,tllJm:..`,’; :lIg~ I