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love · page two

OK. It’s a nice idea but what does this have to do with love? And is it beginning to turn into a story for children? Gudrun was beginning to wonder if writing fiction was what she should be doing at all. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do some research and write about the topic explicitly, rather than cloaking it in this way.

Why use symbolism -especially this clumsy kind of symbolism to talk about stuff? At this point, she reminded herself that symbols are the stuff of thought. Manipulating symbols is how we think about things and any symbol she chooses will stand for whatever it is she's trying to say. Just because that’s what she chooses. Now, it happens that when we are learning about the world as infants, this kind of process goes on all the time. Through experience, through interaction with and manipulation of the world we collect these symbolic representations to stand for the exterior things in our minds. Is using symbols in her art and in her writing is a valid thing to do. It came from her own preference. She never wanted to be told things, she wanted to find things out for herself. There needed to be work to do in order for stuff to stick to the sides. Without effort, it slipped away into nothing. If she was told too much, she quickly bored of things.especially when they were easy to grasp. If understanding required action it held firm much more often.

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